Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PIXAR TALK : Pixar's Blog

today, I was checking my mails and then I logged in my Facebook account for updates. then I saw an update from one of my friends who liked pixar's Facebook group. thus I came to know about a very useful blog.
this blog is exclusively related to pixar's body of work, work in progress, interviews, behind the scene and an inside view of pixar people.
this has a lot of material which is not available on the official website. a lot of good images in the form of poster, DVD cover and character design and introduction.
most of all it has a latest list of its short films and news clippings about pixar and it's work.
I am still exploring it, you also do the same we might find many more things.
here is the URL:

I recently added a widget of on my blog which allows you to find books related to the topic of your post and you can provide quick link of those books to the readers.
this the first time I am using using this feature.
Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1     Blogging For Dummies

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