Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new videos streching boundaries of animation-3

Human Flipbook:

you can animate over your dictionary as well if you want

just toast it, like this one

or have you thought of trying your hand on your class room black board?
here is a music video which has used chalk drawn animation on black boards.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MS Power point & graphics !

Using Micosoft Power point for creating graphics.If one has an imagination and a bit of creativity than one can use Microsoft POWER POINT 2007 for creating really cool graphics or icons.
it's default effects are very easy to apply and you don't need to be an expert on graphics. these glossy effect are hard to create in otherwise Graphics creating software. here are some icons I made using PPT default shapes and applied effects.

If you are willing to explore Power Point further than you can customize most of the shape and effects. here is one symbol I designed using PPT. I wanted this web.2 glossy feel in here. it was very easy to find this look in PPT. If I had to do the same thing in Flash, photoshop or some other software I could have had hard times.
So, go explore and try your hand at MS Power point.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Binds All (animated short film) DVD on createspace.com

this a moment of satisfaction for me personally.
our film 'Music Binds All' (animated short film) is now available in DVD format on createspace.com which is a venture of amazon.com
it is priced $10.99 so if you are interested you can check out this link:

Monday, July 13, 2009

new videos streching boundaries of animation-2

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

official web site: http://www.blublu.org

here is a making of the film which BLU people did it for Acura RDX car.

this animation videos has really shaken many people's imagination and explore new ways to express.
here is one example of it

Saturday, July 11, 2009

new videos streching boundaries of animation

here are a few videos which are redefining the face of animation in fast and modern times.
I am trying to put making of the film as well of these videos.

The Seed by: Johnny Kelly

DEADLINE post-it stop motion by:Bang-Yao Liu

the making of it

do share if you got the links of similar stuff.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Religare a big fraud!

Religare might be a trusted company for some but my experience has been really bad with this brand. They have the most polite executive to lure, but after you end up buying any of their services, it becomes a total nightmare.

I was never a brand freak nor did I have any intentions to buy a D-mat account. My office mate Sharad Mante might have asked for D-mat account and thereby, given my reference to the executive on his insistence. My friend found the executive quite honest and trustworthy and advised me as well to take a D-mat account. Due to his advice, I finally gave up on my rigid plan for not to fall for marketing executives and buy anything.
So, one of their person came with the required forms to get it signed. One of the funny part is that these people choose a time when you are in your office and don’t have time to read their microscopic printed description. Due to which, one agrees and trusts the person who sounds polite and tells you, "Sir you just sign here we will fill all the required formalities".
This person asked for a few documents and I provided him with all of them including a photocopy of my passport along with the check of 900/- rupees. He said “Within a week or two you will get the entire kit sir ji!”
I have never heard from them since that day nor is my account kit delivered to me. Wah! What a nice way to dupe you. This could have happened to lakhs of innocent people. Just imagine 900 into 100000 =90000000 so they got 900000000 worth money by a fraud which is invisible.
It is not that I did not try to reach them and put my grievance to them. But, in a pretense of helping the customer, what they try to do is take out fault with the customer himself. They will bring out legal point. They know customer is ignorant of legal language. They will victimize you instead trying to improve their relationship with the customer and trust. They will questions like, "What was the name of executive called you? Do you know which office he was calling from? Do you know his ID number? Do you have the counter receipt of the form?" (I was never aware of this neither the person who came to collect documents and forms from me told me about it or given it to me that bloody slip) all I want is "Give me my money back!". I had given them the cheque number bank name and the date issued. Isn’t this enough information to know, that I paid from an account. But that D-mat account details or any sort of kit was not delivered to me while Religare has already en-cashed the cheque? So why so much fuss to return the money?

Related stuff on Amazon.com:

Insult to Injury: Insurance, Fraud, and the Big Business of Bad Faith  Trading For Dummies

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kambakkhat Ishq: giving it back to them!

Kambakkhat Ishq the new Bollywood flick which has all the hot stars but got very poor reviews from most of the reviewers. Times of India says it a no brainer of all time from Akshay Kumar. Most of the reviewers forget all stressed up people don’t want to pay for serious and preachy films. They want to shut their always conscious self and enjoy the gags. Will you review Tom and Jerry in with the same stick? You cannot! It defies all the known rules of cinema of real life. I think we should do the same with this film.
And, if we really want to decode real serious stuff then I think. This film has reversed all and taken revenge from Hollywood. Our talented actors have been wasted and joked around in most of the Hollywood film they feature in.
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd had done the same thing to Hollywood talent in this film. They used best of the actors from Hollywood and used them for side role making them a funny elements of the bollywood masala.
Though, we have not been that rude. In the movie Akshay is a stunt man and his character is shown inspired from actor Silvester Stallion and he does give respect to the actor who plays superman. Though, the movie uses white skinned girls to its utmost materialistic fashion. All of them feature as extras in huge stage.

film's official website: http://kambakkhtishq.erosentertainment.com/

Friday, July 03, 2009

Pixel Art (पिक्सॅल आर्ट )

recently one of my friends asked me about the pixel art. I did not know much about it. He said, you are working in a Animation And Game design company and don't know about pixel art.
this was really embarrassing situation for me.
So , I did some google search and read about it on wikipedia.

Pixel Art definition according to wikipedia:
Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of raster graphics software, where images are edited on the pixel level. Graphics in most old (or relatively limited) computer and video games, graphing calculator games, and many mobile phone games are mostly pixel art.
wikipedia link to pixel art: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixel_art

then, there is a tutorial blog by Arjan Westerdiep which really cleared most of my doubts about the Pixel Art. I wanted to show you some of the images from his blog but it would be copy right infringement so I will just post the link here, please go and explore.
apparently he is bringing out this blog as book soon.

I was surprised that you don't really need some special software or tool to start creating pixel art. Most of the artist work in 'Microsoft Paint' which is an accessory provided in windows OS.

here is such artist called SHOOP0, he works in paint and he is damn good. He has a 'youtube' channel dedicated to pixel art. his videos are amazing and it make pixel art look like fun.
here is one of his video:

Thursday, July 02, 2009

displaying your .swf (Flash) files in blog

I was really frustrated with trying to show off my Flash Files (.swf) on my blog. there is hardly any blog service which allows you to host and display your flash files.
still it is a big problem, though there are loophole short cuts which will help you to display your flash files. my office mate Rahul given me a code which could embed swf files the only thing you need to have file hosting url.

here is the image of the code, I am sorry! I could not give you it as text because as soon as I post it in the blog post area it recognizes it as a code and starts working as embedding code. red coloured areas are where you type down host url and define the file's width and height.

here is the live example, I embedded this file using the same code:

easy way out is if you have a google account then host(upload) your files @ googlepages I assume each google account holder is provided with a googlepages access. you login and go to file manager and upload your file copy the url which you will type in the code red area.
Good luck!
I also did some google searching about this issue and I found one relevent page, he explains it in a detailed manner so if you need more help, then go to that page.
here is the link: