Monday, June 26, 2006

'dream bites' (an animated short) story board.


INTENT STATEMENT This film, through a narrative is trying to explore a few feelings which we experience all our life. Those are Jealousy and friendship. It’s a kind of JATAK KATHA set in modern premise.

AUDIENCE The animated short is mainly meant for kids, but suitable for everyone.

CHALLENGES Dealing with pure feeling of our! day to day life.

DURATION This animated film will not be more than two minutes

SPONSOR I need a sponsor.

TITLE Dream bites

STORYLINE It’s about a peacock that is really jealous of the cat which roams around the student canteen and because of her peaceful nature gets everyone's affection. This peacock baby is sort of having crush on a beautiful dame, who is an animal lover. Peacock can't tolerate when she loves and caress this cat. So he tries out stunt to impress her. Another thing, this peacock is instinctively having hatred for this cat, though; cat hasn't done anything to him. In fact she tries to make friendship to this beautiful peacock baby, but because of jealousy, this one doesn't respond to her. Once, one of those stunt sessions of this peacock, to impress the dame, he gets in to trouble. At this moment cat helps him and saves his life. From that moment they become a unique pair of friends. Everyone at the campus is surprised to see this pair of cat and Peacock. They get everyone's attention and affection. They are a pleasing visual site of the campus. Their friendship is ever lasting.

Submitted by: Pushpendra Prakash Sagar
Senior Animation film design student.

check this link to go to storboard:

Friday, June 23, 2006

Working in an 'e-learning' environment

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sita's POV in Nina Paley's SITAYANA flash animation.

I happen to see it recently though its 2003's rage in animation arena. I loved the characters. here is the link if you have not seen it.

'Renaissance' the ground breaking french animated feature.

Renaissance is a ground breaking animated feature film set in futuristic France. it has got black n white graphic novel look though it is done in 3D computer animation.
sure have got high aesthetic sense.
Check out some kick ass clips of the animated feature. I liked it so much, wondering from where I can secure a DVD of it.