Wednesday, May 16, 2012

some useful books on film making

here is a list of three books on film making which are recommended to be pretty useful to the people related to live action cinema. it's a kind of wishlist for me as well.
Concepts in Film Theory By: Dudley Andrew

Grammar Of The Film Language By: Daniel Arijon

Film Directing Shot by Shot By: Steven D. Katz

I am trying to buy these books. I have ordered them online through Junglee which is has some king of association with Amazon. what was really funny that Junglee only works like some kind of search engine to find seller online and gives you the links to compare different seller's prices for the searched product. then asks you to go to buy on seller site. thus one order went another to
I really hope these seller deliver as they claim.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

an Indian summer full of animation buzz

there seems to be sudden awaking on the Indian animation scene. home made animation content is showing signs of an improved quality. posters and promos look good. let us see how they all fair on the box office. if these films- TV programme do well then certainly more producers will be willing to put their money into animation.

Shaktiman is already running on TV and getting positive response.It has setup new production quality standard for home grown 2D animation content.

Chota Bheem is also popular TV character and soon to be seen on big screen. this IP already has a fan base lets see how they cash it on box office.

Krishna aur Kans is another feature film to look out for.

their promo has some quality of animation to showcase. it looks good as it is but they seem to be highlighting 3D stereoscopic a bit too much.

Arjun the warrior prince is also finally getting released. I had seen it's earlier promo about 1or 2 years back, that was sleek! In the new promo you can see stiffness of 3D models,also the pitch of narrator's voice is ....?ble.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spirituality, illustration and Facebook

facebook wall postings are always full of surprises. apart from daily updates of pets, birthdays and show off pics you get see to some anonymous postings which somebody liked from your friends list. topics of these posts can be very different.
here, I am just going to talk about the post which are related to spirituality and have very intriguing visual to support it.

this one talks about how your palm has point (buttons) to different body parts. if you press these points (acupuncture) 3-5 seconds it helps or soothes the situation. 

this illustration is about 7 centres of energy within the human body termed as kundalini. I think this is a self explanatory diagram. 

this beautiful illustration tells about a Hindu temple structure and the scientific reasoning behind it. what is visible from the picture is that a temple also has limbs(spaces) like a living being, each one got its place and importance within the sequence.

Disclaimer: All the images shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.