Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lahore: the film

recently, I was watching some song on youtube then I happen to remember another new film called Lahore which an intense film on kick-boxing tournament between two nations India and Pakistan.
this film asks people to treat game matches as a sport and not a war,(specially in context of India and Pakistan).
the trailer of the film is gripping and generates a lot of curiosity.
I liked this poster a lot it. kinetic energy is bursting out. saffron red and green symbolize 2 countries India and Pakistan.(which is literal)
2 colors put together and white left in-between makes it looks like Tringa (tricolor)= INDIA
Just now, when I am writing this post I remembered (rather related) an old discussion with some friend right now not able to recall the name.
the Idea was: Can India and Pakistan come together like East Germany and West Germany?
I can only hope, this fantasy becomes reality some day!
Listen to the theme of the film it has got a haunting feel which raises goosebumps:

official website of the film:

here is the link to different actors say about the movie:

here is the trailer:

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