Sunday, May 26, 2013

illustrations of Marcos Oliveira

I had seen Marcos Oliveira's Scientific Illustration about a year ago in a feature by behance called : illustrationserved. I was impressed by his subtle and soft colors and seeing him working on location with his sketchbook and watercolors. I had thought about sharing his work through the blog post. I bookmarked the site and forgot about it.(this is a habit, I keep bookmarking a lot of stuff but hardly go back to see my bookmarked list) any way here I am writing about it. good things always, stick some where at your back of mind.
I wanted know more about Marcos Oliveira and googled for it. The first thing which appears in the search is a professional mixed martial artist from Brazil of the same name. Then I found his blog  according to profile description :  He is from Lisbon, Portugal. Born in 1967 at Santa Maria da Feira
"Professional illustrator since 1994, specializing in scientific illustration, biological and archaeological as well as historical reconstruction. Currently working as a freelancer."

Marcos Oliveira

Marcos Olivera on the spot
apart from beautiful water colors I liked the use of eye level and horizon

See his work featured at : illustration served

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