Saturday, November 23, 2013

Learn Fractions and get your concepts clear

The post title might be a little dull but this what exactly you will do with the App I am going to talk about. There is an app called "Tiny Fractions" published by "Tap to Learn" the company I am working with. This app simply is a gem when it comes to clear your concepts of Fractions.This is not a promotional statement. first you download it and play, and after that you do't feel the same, please! feel free to fill my comment box with your blasting comments. check it out on apple appstore .
Right now, its only on iOS. I wish it was available for the Android users.

screen capture
on the apple appstore 

there is a Davyhulme Primary School blog which has shown their students having a good time with Fractions
of course they all have Tiny Fractions on their iPad. 
this is just the screen shot. Please, go to their blog and view the pics.  this could prove to be a good testimony for you before you spend your $.
Oh yes, there is a you tube video done by Wendy Fletcher a real user of this app
watch it here: [----]
if you are the researcher type and want to do a full web check before you buy, then check out developer website.

screen capture TTL web

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