Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Power of blogging

Iran: A nation of bloggers

Iran: A nation of bloggers from Mr.Aaron on Vimeo.
This video talks about the power of a blog. how blogs have become voice of people otherwise not given freedom to speak thier mind freely.

Hothouse internship programme from NFBC

About Hothouse
Hothouse is a 12-week paid apprenticeship program for emerging Canadian filmmakers. Located in Montreal, Quebec, it was created in 2003 by NFB Animation Studio producer Michael Fukushima and executive producer David Verrall. The aim is to re-imagine ways of making animation that are faster, more flexible and that celebrate the shortest of short forms while maintaining creative and technical excellence, all hallmarks of NFB animation.
This is not “quick and dirty” but rather “intense and amazing.” Think of horticultural hothouses where gardeners create optimal growing conditions to encourage the blossoming of exotic orchids and other blooms in weeks rather than months.
This program is for emerging creators from across Canada with the imagination, vision, experience and enthusiasm to relish the Hothouse challenge, to flourish in the Hothouse environment and to accomplish the making of a successful project within the program’s parameters.
Key aspects of Hothouse include the active participation of an experienced mentoring director, a team of NFB technical and post-production experts who support the filmmakers, and emphasis on the role of the producers as creative partners, all of which highlight the collaborative process of NFB filmmaking.Hothouse takes place over 12 consecutive weeks in the NFB’s Montreal Animation Studio. This is not a funding or schooling program, but rather a 3-month apprenticeship in real-world animation filmmaking.
text source: hothouse webpage
please, go and see some of the very best and creative work in animation.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

SNAP FISH (Photo album/ photo storing service from HP)

I have used Flickr.com, shutterfly.com and indyarocks.com for my photo storage but I think Snapfish.com from HP is the best one I have experienced till now. It uploads fast with its insta install software. It has all the other features which Flickr.com has. I recently uploaded one album as trial here it is.
It also claims to give high quality prints for as low as Rs. 2.95*, each. I have not tried it but even if they give a print in 4/- that's a decent deal.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Childhood favorite TINKLE magazine's website

I really appreciate how Mr. Anant Pai is moving with times. Amar Chitra Katha was a bench mark in its own time period and still is a golden collection of best of illustrated Indian Mythology and history.
Anant Pai’s contribution in literature & other material for children doesn’t end with ACK but Tinkle magazine set a standard for others, how the print medium could give proper treatment to kids segment. Tinkle gave us characters like Supandi, Shikari Shambhu and kaliya kauwa apart from regular panchtantra and jatakkatha stories. There were facts and GK made interesting with appropriate illustrations.
Now, TINKLE is online. They have games, comics and contests. Also a show case of children’s drawings greeting cards etc. Good going lets all support the good cause.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ajit Ninan's Poli Trick

I have always admired Ajit Ninan's cartoons. In fact what I really like is his visual detailing in the composition. Each character looks so natural and part of the environment. The ease with which he draws is shown in the frame and definitely indicates that his observation is real solid.
He has same ease, sense n observation as the Belgian artist Albert Uderzo (ASTERIX fame). I am sure he must have had experience in animation. It shows in his cartoons. His recent series in Times of India POLI-TRICKS uses “Metamorphosis” which is frequently used in Animation.

You can see his online cartoons on this TOI web link:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Annecy 2009

It was a surprise news an unexpected one! When Amrita from ‘Animation Express’ called me and told that she wanted to do a story about me in regard of Anncy09. Thus I got to know that our film ‘Music binds all’ selected for official screening at Annecy2009 in “Short films out of competition” God bless us!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

cute cow can also give you water !

During my visit to brijghat I clicked some pics.
Here is one of them. cow statue in front of a charitable trust school.
It is interestingly used for water tap.
For more Pics visit: http://www.indyarocks.com/photos/ind-album.php?alid=1041943&pid=1518625

Brij Ghat Garhmukteshwar

Situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga, 68 kms from Ghaziabad, Garhmukteshwar is a revered pilgrim centre. Also referred to as Khandvi Van and Shiva Vallabhpur because of its being an important centre of the Vallabh cult, Garhmukteshwar has been associated with mythology. It is said that this was the place where King Shivi, an ancestor of Lord Rama, had passed the fourth period of his life as an ascetic. Later, with the help of renowned sage Parshuram, he built a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also believed that after two Ganas (disciples) of Lord Vishnu, Jai and Vijai, had achieved Mukti (salvation) at Shiva Vallabhpur the place came to be known as Ganamukteeshwar. With time, this name changed to the present Garhmukteshwar.
Text source: http://www.mysterindia.com/article592.html