Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aloe Vera plant and flower

We all know about Aloe Vera plant and have seen in-numerous beauty product ads claiming aloe-Vera 's benefits for skin smoothness and care.
you can read more about the plant on wikipedia
this post is not telling you about aloe-vera but my excitement to see the flower of aloe-Vera very first time in my life.
I am at my home town for Holi. we have some flower and plant pots at our terrace court yard.
one of them has aloe-Vera for many years. this season it has flowered. the awe of seeing the flower lead me to click some photos and write about it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

motionindia: a blog

one of my friends had the idea to start a common blog containing information about art, animation and films in the Indian context. initially, we all were excited but slowly things gone to a halt.
blogging for a cause needs a dedicated team, time and resources.
regular and relevant updates keeps the readers attached to the blog.
I hope, things change for this blog and more people get attached.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Music Binds All (animated short film) in film festival circuit.

Music Binds All (animated short film) has got a good amount of appreciation world over.
Thank you Mlab Emantras and everyone!
recently I found full web version of the film which I think is from our US office promotional efforts or somebody in the media who got a gift DVD must have shared it on the mentioned website.
anyway, here is the video(I copied the embed code) you can watch it till the time it lasts.

Music Binds All (animated short film) in film festival circuit

‘Music binds all’ film was nominated in 4 category at Kol-Katha2009 animation
film festival, Kolkata,India

Winner best poster design and 1 runnerup best story (Proffesional)

‘Music binds all’ slected for official screenings at IFFLA2009 (Indian International
Film Festival of Los Angeles)

‘Music binds all’ selected for official screening at Annecy2009 in “Short films out
of competition”

‘Music binds all’ screened at Ladakh Confluence,august28-31,2009

‘Music binds all’ screened at KROK,International animated film
festival,Ukraine(28th of September till the 7th of October2009)

‘Music binds all’ screened at 13th Ismailia International Film Festival for
documentary & short films 10-17 October2009

‘Music binds all’ screened at Flatland Film Festival, Texas october15-17,2009

‘Music binds all’ screened at Voix de toiles(voices of stars), Port-Leucate 29
October to Ist November2009

Monday, February 22, 2010

postfolio : a stunning vfx portfolio site

yesterday, I was browsing through one of my regular inspiration site called motionographer
I had seen most of the stuff on the current page. then I thought, I might as well see what do they have in their older posts.
that's where I came to know about the site called postfolio which I think is a stunning vfx portfolio site. the video quality is crisp. the look n feel of the site is up the expectations.
what I liked most was their section called VFX Kitchen this is where they show case studies and the making of the films most of them are blockbusters and unique.

in the section about us the site describes itself in these words:
" is a creative community of people who do and love post-production and visual effects."
Joining the site is free at the moment you never know about the future.
here is the link:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newport Beach Film Festival Intro Film

Today, I got to see a really nice video on Abduzeedo's Daily Design Inspiration #437
which an introduction film for 'Newport Beach Film Festival'.

It is witty and has cleverly detailed out pun.
Go ahead and enjoy the video!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Logan: creative production agency

After a long time I felt like writing a post, it depends on your mood and time.
anyway, I recently came across to the cutting edge visual effects ad videos and trailers done by a production company called Logan.
their work has a very futuristic urban feel sometimes dark energy bursting literally in the frames.
there is no need to write so much you can go to their website and see for yourselves:

still from the game trailer Vanquish

still from the video Casio gravity

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

interactive viral film and celebrity photo composition

It seems stupid for many people to waste time and use customizable template to make your self look like a celebrity. but it sure is sheer fun and certainly chuckles some where into your heart (ego) ha.. ha..!
there may be many web site having such interactive web application where you just enter(upload) your photo and you become a celeb.
I know 3 such site which I enjoyed photofunia, jibjab and tackfilm.

here are 2 pics from my fiddling around in photofunia:

and here is the link to the website:

then, there is a site which allows you to create an interactive viral film. only thing is that you can not save this video on your computer.
you can only email the link.
here is a still from the video called a hero to thank which you can see on clicking this video grab below:

here is the link to the website:
at the moment they don't have much to choose from. it's one video you can play around.
another thing about this website is that it is dead slow. you will need a lot of patience to see the result.
but if you want options then try jibjab this site has variety of e-cards, videos and fun application.
I have not explored it but people who have used it give this site good marks.
go and play on this link:

all images/ videos shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

charming face Shazahn padamsee

charming face Shazahn padamsee

there are certain advertisements which leave an impression on you because of a specific character/face and you want to see it again. mostly you keep wondering who is that charming model/actor. the same thing happen to me. I was curious to know about the face who features in Ponds Dream flower and McDonalds slap ad.
then I saw Rocket Singh the movie, initially I confused this new face with Diya Mirza . but when I saw a pic in Times of India and the caption had the name Shazahn padamsee.
then everything fall in place. I knew about Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar. she is daughter of this creative couple.
she has got a pretty smile and a very humble style which is kind of fragile. I have just seen one of her film RocketSingh and she didn't have a long act to show her acting nuances. She did leave an impression with sweet and straight forward lady who is full of love and life.
she plays a graphic designer who is establishing her own small studio and wants to purchase 2 computers and Rocket Singh gets his first break in marketing career.

Shazahn Padamsee in McDonalds ad:

Shazahn Padamsee in Ponds Dream flower advertisement:

a still from the film Rocket Singh

Shazahn padamsee in Rocket Singh the movie promo video:

Disclaimer: all images videos shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Avatar : behind the scene and production sketches/art

I was bombard with so much hype and media exposure about Avatar the movie directed by James Cameron. Some how I was not able to take out time to watch it.
I started feeling like I was the most backward person who hasn't seen The Avatar.
Finally, I saw it day before yesterday. I was lucky that I saw it in 3D. I must tell you it was an experience to write about.
But, I wonder how will it feel to watch it in imax dome theater?
after watching the film I wanted to know what went behind the final cut. So, I did some internet research thus here it is in blog post form.
there is a website called which carried a post about Avatar. They have a lot of stuff in this regard but I chose to borrow a few to share here.
you can see the full post on this web link:
I liked these pencil sketches of Navi characters. aren't they beautiful?

here is a video which talks about how real actor's acting was captured and brought out on the CG characters muscles by muscles . really, its a tones of hard work which has gone behind this film.

here is Avatar's art of performance behind the scene video:

Disclaimer: all images/characters/video shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.