Thursday, April 30, 2009

MTV animation virals for Roadies

MTV animation viral for Roadies are witty and full of sarcastic spice. We see a daring change in Indian TV and web advertising which is a welcome change. It gives creativity and fun a new freedom. they comment on TV shopping accent and products also make fun of TV singing show judges. Roadies judge Raghu was also not spared. treatment and animation style suits the content. center fresh mint ' slogan जवान पे लगाम is a hit now.

Poulomi one of the Mtv roadies contestants features in this animation viral

Mtv Roadies judge Raghu gets mocked in this viral.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Genelia d'souza: the best of the cuteness

Genelia d'souza is modern day symbol of peppy and cuteness. this is very much visible in the TV advertisements which she features in. according to Bollywood news she is replacing Rani Mukherjee and Priety Zinta from different product's ad.
let's leave this gossip apart and enjoy watching these videos.
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Genelia in the Apple fanta advertisement

Genelia in the Perk Chocolate advertisement

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amul the taste of India, indeed!

" the first Amul hoarding was put up in Mumbai in summer of 1967 around Charni Road, area. for 40 odd years the Utterly Butterly girl has managed to keep her fan following intact. So much so that the ads are now ready to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest running campaign ever."

on the Sanjay Dutt's remark during this election"Pappi- Jhappi"

When the Bruce-Lee film `Enter the Dragon' was released(1976-77)

On compulsory sterilisation introduced during Indira Gandhi regime.

see all the stock at this web link on amul's website:

hey don't forget to read the story about amul hoarding campaign.

note: under quotations text is courtesy Amul's official website.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

शब्दों के बदलते अर्थ

अगर आप आज किसी को ताऊ कह कर बुलावे तो इस मे कोई आश्चर्य नहीं होगा की वह व्यक्ति बुरा मान जाए किसी वक्त यह शब्द सम्मान को प्रकट करता था। ताऊ का मतलब आप के पिता के बड़े भाई से होता है जो की एक सम्माननीय रिश्ता है।
लेकिन आज समय की दिशाहीन गति में शब्दों के अर्थ बदल चुके हैं । आप ने " अरे हट जा पाछे, ताऊ " गीत जरूर सुना होगा जोकि आज के ' पापुलर कल्चर ' की देन है। मैं गाने को दोष नहीं देता पर इस के बाद जो व्यंगातामकता उभरी वह आज आप सड़क चलते महसूस कर सकते हैं। ऐसी बात नहीं की मैं ख़ुद इस गाने का आनंद नहीं उठाता पर इस की पापुलरिटी से उपजी अभद्रता से परहेज करना चाहूँगा। यह गीत वृद्द जानो के उपहास उडाने का माध्यम बन चुका है। मैंने ख़ुद ऐसा होते देखा है। चाहे वो मेरा छोटा सा क़स्बा हो या दिल्ली - गुडगावं।

पप्पू :
पप्पू भी एक ऐसा ही दूसरा शब्द है जो अपना मायने खो चुका है। आपने "जाने तू या जाने ना '' फ़िल्म का गाना 'पप्पू कांट डांस साला ' तो सुना ही होगा । और इस वार के इलेक्सन में दिल्ली के अखबारों और ऑफ ऍम पर आपने दिल्ली सरकार के प्रचार तो देखे-सुने होंगे । सब पप्पू को बेबकूफ करार देते हैं क्योंकि वो वोट नहीं करता।
क्या पप्पू पहले एक प्यारे से बालक को नहीं कहते थे ? पप्पू पहले एक इन्नोसेंट व्यक्ति का परिचायक था। आज इन्नोसेंस का मतलब
बेबकूफ हो गया है। तो आप इन शब्दों के बदलते मीनिग से समाज की बदलती मान्यताओं और कठोरता का अंदाजा लगा सकते हैं।
साले :
साले जो की एक रिश्ते का नाम था और एक गाली भी । जिसे सुनकर लोग लड़ने को तैयार हो जाते थे आज एक समोबोधन बन चुका है। आप यह शब्द लड़कियों के मुह से सुन सकते हैं। क्या आप इस बात से सहमत नहीं हैं?
बहिन चोदः
बहिन चोद भी एक बुरी गाली हुआ करती थी । आज यह शब्द हमारे युवा वर्ग की पसंदीदा गाली कम सुम्बोधन बन चुका है । अगर आप इस शब्द का इस्तेमाल करते हैं तो आप के पास एक 'अग्रेस्सिव अत्तितिउद ' है । आप समाज से अलग है और आप को सामाज के तौर तरीको से अलगाब है।
वाह, री दुनिया!
क्या आपने MTV Rodies देखा है तो आप ने यह सब बदलाव देखा और सुना होगा। मेरी तो फट गई ! साला , बहिन चोद , और इंग्लिश का favorite शब्द Fuck! आज खुले आम टीवी पर दर्शको को दिखाए जाते हैं।

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a website dedicated to the art of title sequences

Have you ever wondered after seeing the opening of a movie or in other words title sequence of a film?
you did.
yes, we all do.
We have all had trilling times seeing the titles n credits. James Bond flicks have visually very exciting openings, remember seven, matrix and other numerous films which had amazing title sequences.
here is a website dedicated to the art of title sequences. where they showcase recent and out of the box title sequences of the films, TV series, advertisements and web episodes. you have interviews and process behind that piece of work. quality of videos is superb. just go and check out for yourself.
Link to the website:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

gadgets to match your partner

This is a quest of all generations. people have wondered how do they know that the person they are attracted to also likes you. people have relied on palmistry, astrology and others known forms to tell about your love life and spouse compatibility.
networking and dating sites are used as forum to find people based on your interest and details provided on profiles. It is a internet phenomena and filled with fakes as well.
I am no different from other bachelors of my generations. I had written a post earlier on August 2008 about similar topic where we thought of a compatibility gadget.

Now, we have a company called basis- note which has come up with a saliva test which could be read by a computer and this code could be uploaded to a dating site as you enter bio data details.
Now based on your saliva test it will generate a scent profile which could be matched with your prospective partner. site claims that it is a scientific innovation and gives accurate results. so based on this info you can smell your date before you actually decide to date the person.
if this works fine then I have thought its further application. we can have a saliva test code reader in our mobile where we can feed more data and find people in our own region who are 100% gel with us. We wish this becomes a reality then sitting on a chai corner you can not just look at faces but also find out who fits you and you can ask the person to have chai with you.
is n't it cool.

Friday, April 17, 2009

sabrang (a small studio in a small town) Big Dreams

sabrang is a very common name in Hindi and it means all the colours. the name in itself is quite literary and there was a very famous Hindi literature magazine in old good days of Hindi. Now its a name of an NGO.
but what I am going to write about has nothing to do with anything maintained above.
here I am talking about a very small art studio in Chandausi, Uttar Pradesh. It is run by Avlesh Kumar varshney aka 'Anni Sabrang'. He is a home grown portraitist who paints photo realistic portraits for the common people.
सबरंग चित्रालय भारत के कला परिद्रश्य का उपेक्षित नाम है , लेकिन चंदौसी का उभरता सितारा क्यूंकि वो गरीबो का चित्रकार है । लगभग चंदौसी के सभी घरो में उसके बनाये पोर्ट्रेट लगे हुए है । वह पुराने फोटो और ग्रुप फोटो से पोर्ट्रेट बना देता है । वो भी सामान्य से दामो में । उसके खुबाव ऊँचे हैं क्या वो अपने सपने पूरे कर पायेगा ?
He wants to put up an exhibition of his work and is very much interested in animation. yeah, you can say he got to know about the intricacies of animation from me. But the passion is his own. let us hope he does something really good out the this new medium. I have always tried to encourage him because we belong to same town and I loved the enthusiasm he has at this point of the moment.

here is Micheal Jackson one of his favorite people painted by him. Actually its a door in his tiny studio where he painted this celebrity.
He has met former US president Bill Clinton while he was own his visit to UP 's town Saharanpur for a charity inauguration.
this man sure got big dreams.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

a caricatured game on Electing PM

It is a caricatured game based on Loksabha (लोकसभा) Election 2009 India, making a pun over popular Netas (नेता) hoping to become India's Prime minister. The timing of launching this tiny site is perfect.
I liked the caricatures and some of the voice overs.
Here is the Link :
Caricatures are done by one of my friends Muneer Ansari. He is a senior illustrator and commercial artist. I think it was single handed effort.
The game could be even better if given more importance to the story part of it and radomization of events. script development part does have some bugs.
The viewers can go on the site just for the cartoon value of it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

ideas flow quick when you expect them least

Ideas flow quick when you expect them least. this is true. I get a whole range of random ideas or can say dreamy business or creative situations while traveling alone. It helps if you are sitting on a window seat and did not get involved in conversation with some passenger.
All the different views passing by you strike a range of thoughts. I don't know how many of you travel in DTC bus (local buses in Delhi). It is experience of its own kind. I usually have to spend 1-2 hours in a bus while going to my Home town just to reach Old Delhi railway station. But the imagery I pass through is vibrant. and traffic jams give me enough time to think and visualize hundreds of thing.
once reached the station, my train is scheduled late in the night. so its a long wait. this give you time to read if you are reading types otherwise just observe the variety of people around you. see how each one has its own peculiar way of holding bags over burden with luggage. the rush towards to reach on the platform where train just about to set off.
you can also sketch during this time if you are not shy. I do but it depends on my state of mind at the particular day.
this time I had no sketch book but I had an urge to draw and jot down whatever ideas were over flowing. if you don't do this you have all the chances to forget those raw ideas.
when you need it you will curse yourself why you had not written it down.
so I searched whatever paper I could find with me and drew over that.
why I am putting this on blog?
these doodles and notes were for personal reference but I felt it had a certain graphic value because of its mix of print and drawn elements.

Friday, April 10, 2009

vector graphics blog

Here is a blogger from Thailand probably a graphic designer. there isn't much given on her blogger profile but a huge list of her blogs which she runs. Her name is TUM which should have some meaning in thai but in Hindi it means तुम = you. If she means so ;)>

Link to the blog:
she has listed down most of the vector resources for designers and given preview images which are clickble and opens into a download link. usually free download.
Good work gal..!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

my T-shirt Designs for our film 'Music binds all'

Genelia featuring Music binds all T-shirt. ...Hey, not in real !!!
Actually, after designing these t-shirts I had to find a way to display how will it look in real. usually fashion designers hire models and shoot their designs. I have no such luxury n resources. So here comes some basic photoshop skills in work. And it feels really good when you see your favorite Bollywood star featuring your designs.
I think, Genelia d'souza is the present dream girl. Her new TV ads are cool n cute.
By the way here is the link of the blog which has such good archieve of Bollywood pics:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a blog about Character Design

Recently, I came across a blog about Character Design which showcases interviews and galleries from the top artists in Animation, Movies, Games, Illustration and comics.
It is great that people are writing on blogs on such relevant topics and that to be without a commercial benifit. usually, such insightful article and interviews are truned into books and sold at a price which ristrict the knowledge to a perticular group.
keepup the good work! Randall Sly !!
What more, there is a section where you can request to see a character designer of your wish to be interviewed.
If you happen to be a character designer and want to show off your talent then you can send your portfolio for review and become a featured artist.

Gino by: Damon Bard
his website:

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MYNTRA online T-Shirt pinting

MYNTRA is an online platform where one can create or buy customized and personalized merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, calendars, watches, notepads, and so on.

The site allows you to upload your innovative designs, wacky one-liners, showcases your creativity to others.
You can make money if somebody buys the designs claims the company. If you are not the creative types,you can choose from site's design gallery.

Direct Karma Post Card Service

Direct karma a service to provide commercial post card mailing service where you can deliver customized post card for your clients in very affordable prices. I thought, that I will get some post card done for my films and send it the people. let us see the references which other people have to say about this service. I got to know about this from NID animators yahoo group where Mr. Shrikant informed about this web site.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ghee happy (घी हैप्पी)

Here is a web page called Ghee Happy from Pixar animator Sanjay Patel. He has been drawing really cute characters from Indian Mythology. He has mixed American popular cartoon style to depict Gods and demons of Indian Epics. what I feel cuteness of his characters comes with Child like proportions he uses in his characters. It is very typical of Hanna Barbara Power puff girls, Dexter's lab and many others characters of commercial TV series. their main funda was to keep the size of head as big as the entire body. His colours are bold, he is an artist to keep an eye on. Let us see if uses these cute IP for some real animation.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Disparities of life and Power of money ( जिंदगी की असमानताये और धन की सामर्थ्य )

The title of the post is enough to speak the philosophy of modern times. You can be talented, you can achieve a certain so called success (in this case recognition) but if you are without a solid financial security or big contacts you are screwed in your life. You have nothing more left but keep suppressing yourself and your damned dreams.The promo song of the film AA DEKHEIN ZARA “paisa hai power” is very much true.
People go through such times and come over. Anuraag Kashyap has done this. Does it happen for real? Till now miracles for me have been existed in fiction and films.

सौ गुन बेकार अगर धन नहीं आप के पास। आज धन से ही आदमी की सामर्थ्य पता चलती है।