Friday, January 23, 2009

meeting the legend.

Actually he is supposed to be super to super Senior because we belong to same design institute called NID @ Ahmedabad. But, I directectly don't know him. one of my office team mate was in touch with one of our super seniors Prakash Moorthy:
He has worked with him on Sesame Street project Miditech, Delhi. He got a call about some photoshop work, when we encountered the person it was Orijit

Orijit studied graphic design at the National Institute of Design. He has worked on several exhibition and museum design projects in India, the UK and Russia. He also works as a freelance graphic designer, comics creator and illustrator in addition to functioning as the Creative Director of People Tree, which he co-founded with wife Gurpreet in 1990. His published works include The River of Stories, Imung and the award-winning collaboration Trash!.

you can check out his official profile on his official site:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

MUSIC BINDS ALL: a short animation film

The film has been selected for official screening at ‘Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles’.
2D team cordially thanks all Emantras n Media Lab @ Gurgaon to make this happen.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Google is not god...!!!!??

Google is not god.
Some of their new products are pathetic and one of them is
If, I compare it with Tripod and Lycos ! Google sites goes down the hole.
Once the site is created you cannot delete it. There are very few options in term of multimedia element integration.
These days’ web sites use flash elements extensively but Google does not allow .swf file to be uploaded.
This is how Google is trying to compete with Adobe.
And this is true for blogger users as well. Have you ever try to upload a .swf?
There corporate rivalry is causing discomfort to common users.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

putting the games online: TRUCK DRILL

we have been working hard for online Flash games for some times. now is the time to go actully online and see do we really stand any where? so far so good. things been encourging. let's see if it materializes into revenues. response from online communites has been positive n we have a long way to go.

here is the initial video put for the game on youtube:

Leaf hopper flash game online from Emantras Media lab, Gurgaon

leaf hopper is a puzzle game based on randomization of array. . you do not have defined level as one usually sees in other games like level 1 -2 -3 -4 etc.
A little tough!
but it is very addictive.
the link for this game will come soon.. it is just the matter of 1 or 2 days. till then its a wait I know how it feels.
for the time being you can play the game on this temporary linkand watch the video embeded here:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Animation for HIV free generation

My office colleague Sharad is a great web explorer he always discovers amazing websites about animation and arts. I think he has the exposure to the very best creative works online. Last time he showed me a site about 3D animations done for HIV awareness. Actually Warner Brothers have funded this initiative in association with
I think, its really great that new technologies and communication strategies are applied to make people aware about HIV. Animation is an impact full medium to reach out the youth without being preachy about the issue.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

political cartoons

Finally you see animation getting into regular political cartoons. I tried it as my diploma project and produced 5 short animated gags a prototype.
(Visit the link:
I had written to many news channels regarding this and asked them to give me a chance to present it, at least. But I had no luck.
Anyway, time seems to be favoring well known cartoonist ‘Pawan’ from ‘Patana’ and he has got a good amount of exposure in the TV media. Last week, I saw a news report about his animated series about Lalu Prasad Yadav. I envy him. I like to greet him for his successful venture. Good luck, Pawan.
you can visit his site on this link:
He has got a good mimicry done by his friend. Now, I think the time has come when we will be able to see some relevant entertainment and political comment on news channel rather than borrowed re-run of vulgar comedy show on news channel.

I recently found link to his Lalu animated gag on