Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mailer and Graphic Design

Recently I decided to write about the mailer Design.its been for some time I have been noticing different mailer which reach in to my mail box.
Sometimes just annoying advertisements, sometimes containing some relevant information or sometimes are invitation of some offer and event.
but nonetheless they all have something to display and are part of a newly emerged graphic design domain.
each one got its genre, color palette, fonts and other Composition elements.
their size and interactivity levels differ according to objectives.
newsletters are delivered into your inbox I am not sure whether they will also fall in mailer design?
most newsletter mail just the highlight of the main content and are often open into main site.Newsletter designs are much more extensive while mailer is usually one time act and serves the purpose for that assigned period.
anyway, they all are products of new media and are expanding the horizon of graphic design discipline.

here are some visual examples which I collected over a period for this post.

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Disclaimer: All the mailer layout/ print screen shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.

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