Saturday, May 08, 2010

SIFF 2010 Promo

every now and then I come across some interesting clips of visuals which compel me to share with others. I try to avoid the habit to store the data on  hard disk and keep it for later viewing. I think once you stored the data you rarely go back to it unless you doing some research.
recently I saw  SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) 2010 Promotional Trailer. I liked it's peppy pop feel
or may be I have soft corner for comics like visual treatment.
any way enjoy the video:

Monday, May 03, 2010

Trippy Blues from Wong Kar Wai's Film ' In the mood for Love'

I recently discovered Wong Kar Wai from an article on passion for cinema. I got know about his films and his work style through Wikipedia. I searched to see glimpse his films. there I found OST of one of his films called 'In the mood for Love' this film and it's music is heart touching. just by looking at the video I felt so engrossed in the story and the mood created by it. 
Trippy Blues!    
read the full plot on wiki:
today, when I was listening this music I intuitively  started sketching a kind of illustration of  love struck woman waiting to meet her beloved. No, it is not related to the movie character but my thoughts made up it's own story and she seems to be the heroine. the colors and stroke just flowed own its own. 

watch the video and enjoy this heart rendering music. (it may give you chills at some moments)

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