Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dreamy ideas and feasibility

Many times when I hear success stories of different people, I think some day, we will also get there. this encourages me to brain storm and come up with something genuine and relevant for a start up. My cousin has started a company with 2 of his friends. He seems to be excited and not just the excitement but they are earning as well. my roommate and I keep discussing success stories and come up our own ideas which we share and reject all the time on the feasibility basis.
there were 2 small web application ideas which we thought were a out of the world.
1: what if you could earn real money from a game like farm
ville instead of game coins, cash and experience!we were thinking a game on the similar lines and tasks will be real. like someone plays a writer then he actually writes and puts it on display and anyone who is interested could buy it. we thought many thing such as graphic designer, cartoonist, flash animator developer, t shirt design, card design, character design, and so on. We also thought this game could also allow player to put thing on auction like ebay. my roomy found a site which fulfils a part of this idea called fiverr.com which asks people to put up thing which
they could do within 5 dollars.so excitement of having a unique plan faded out.

2: then another idea started taking shape when I got frustrated with keeping track with my various user ID and password of internet profile, networking and mail sites.(yes, we know there are hundreds of password secure software for desktop but nothing online)this is in fact a real problem which I identified and we thought design is a problem solving discipline. so we thought we will have a site which will allow user to store their IDs and Password. They just need to remember only one ID and password. we even started working on the wire frame of this website.but there were real concern like why do people want to trust us and store their ID and passwords? do we have the capability to secure such a site from hackers? if the site gets hacked then user will lose all his stuff which will be a blunder. When giants of IT like TCS are vulnerable to hacking then where do we stand?But we will confident that with encryption, captcha and mobile authentication we might be sail through the hackers.then, we wanted do a bench marking and net research before we start working on it. during this period Manoj found a site or say an online application on google apps which is called Passord++ this guy is clever he made it mandatory to first have a google account and then login to his apps and store all your ID and password in encrypted form. He knows that hacking google ID and password is very tough and if someone crosses that he will have tough time to break the encryption.thus the bubble of our second idea also broke in the air.
Now the search is on for something new. good luck to us.


MKP said...


hey u have written in this way that our failures look like our success .......... so don't worry one day v will come with a new thought ......
and thanks to share our thoughts with worlds.... :) :)

Pushpendra said...

yeah, I had to put down it on paper for self analysis.
thank you, it's my pleasure.

whackonondo said...

these are great Ideas! Soo's classmate in Sweden actually made managing identities into his thesis project... you should catch up with him!

Pushpendra said...

yes, we will catch up ! sure!!
thanks, for your encouraging comments.