Wednesday, November 02, 2011

crazy interpretations

Interpretations of a visual concept can be really unexpected when you leave space for the ambiguity.(may be sometimes being over smart) This is the case I feel might be in the billboard ads from Vaseline.
What do you feel at first when you see this ad? and how much the copy helps you to grasp the concept here?
First thing that strikes is the high quality print and the framing of the visual. Then you try to figure out what happened to lady's hand? The ad got the viewer hooked and curious to figure out what it is all about. Before the viewer reaches on the final conclusion, he processes a series of thoughts.
  • lady got a crippled hand.
  • your lips will become as good as a baby's feet.
  • you should kiss a baby's feet after using Vaseline
  • love of a mother for baby 
the copy of the billboard :" Healthy pink lips, Never stop caring" doesn't really help you to inform but adds to your confusion. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Asifa India 2011 and Comic Con Express Mumbai

Asifa India 2011 International Animation day. 
It's here again. a chance to showcase your films and get due appreciation.
This time we don't have anything to send there.
looking at past events I think this one is going to be better. It is heartening to know that there are a lot of events are being organized to showcase creative work and bring in industry to collaborate on the same forum.
Comic Con Express Mumbai is on 22-23 Oct.2011.
I had visited Delhi version of this event. It was small but a good start for generating momentum. I got to meet a lot of friends and seniors there. I hope Mumbai version is bigger and better.

Disclaimer: All the email flyers shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose only.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

web games with logic

Every now or then I browse through the web games. Currently, I have been drawn to puzzle and logic games.
I avoid playing games where there are too many key instructions and furious clicking. Here is a list of my picks,
there is no particular sequence.

Snail Bob
Cover Orange
Ninja Painter
Cube Droid

These are not new games but I happen to discover them recently.
Snail Bob has pretty charming graphics. others also have appropriate visual appeal.
why I am writing a post? It is because I enjoyed these games quite a lot and so it's kind of shortlisted bookmark. It usually happens when you want to play something for 10-20 minutes, then if you search for a quality time pass game form a huge heap of is frustrating to choose from thousands shiny thumbnails (when the game is loaded you realize the game is a trash). that's the reason for the post.

Disclaimer: All the screen shots shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose only.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

first Indian comics con in Delhi

Finally, Indian comics industry seems to be organised and market savvy. it seems it is going in the right direction by organising it's first Indian comics con in Delhi.
their mail flyer are interesting and indicate that the event is going to be really cool.
I will try to be there. what about you guys?

I really loved this aunties are attending flyer!

Disclaimer: All the email flyers shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose only.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

virtual/ video ride of " Chakada"(shared auto) in millennium city Gurgaon.

this is a series of 4 videos taken from my LG Cookie PEP cell phone to give you a taste of real life. enjoy your  virtual ride of " Chakada"(shared auto) auto in millennium city Gurgaon.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shobha KK goes online

Shobha K.K is an independent filmmaker, and mostly works on commissioned projects.she has worked on documentaries and music videos. currently she is writing script for a short fiction film which I plan to produce.
I know her for a long time.when she came to attained osian's cinefan 2005, Talent Campus.
she is good at shot selection and a good story teller. sometimes her idea are abstract and have a feel of "alice in wonderland" kind of fantasy. her music videos are aptly sweet with a Malayalam filmi taste.
she keeps herself a little away from new technologies. but on my insistence. she is slowly bringing her work online.
her web portfolio link:
youtube link: shobha's channel


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