Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Facebook beyond the social networking

It is amazing how facebook has become a forum for almost every thing surpassing beyond it's initial usage as a social networking website. people showcase their professional work here. write reviews of books and films. discuss social cause and play cool games here apart from checking out pretty faces.

recently, "Airtel" a mobile phone service provider got a new corporate identity designed and apparently spent 300 crore rupees. somebody (actually, I just got his name after going back to Facebook and finding the name he is mr. Rohit Shirke) has done a comparative visual study of some existing mobile phone service provider's corporate identity in India and this was really striking for me.
here is the image I am talking about:

check out the comments given to this visual study:

I have recently, watch the movie called "The Social Network" based on the life of Harvard undergrad a computer programming genius "Mark Zuckerberg" who started the "facebook". the film was inspiring and pumped up my moral. May be that's why I am writing a lot many post about  n around facebook.
anyway, that's it here I end the post.

Disclaimer: All the character images/image grabs shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose. 
My special thanks to Mr. Rohit Shirke !

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