Thursday, December 09, 2010

chandausi ke chole! mouth watering stuff !!

Chandausi ke chole! 
Why I am writing about it? because of my liking to it and my school time association with this guy called "Braham Bazar ke cholewale pandit ji". I have seen him from my school days when I used to get a very small amount of pocket money for midday break, but I usually ended up spending that money on my way to school while crossing Braham Bazar and having hot and delicious dal-chole at panditji cholewale.
I like the eating stalls at my home town Chandausi. The taste is similar to old delhi stalls food. and got a little more small townish feel to it.
This time when I was at my home, I was on my way to grocery buying schedule. I was in Braham Bazar and I could not resist my self having 2 pattas of chole. just then, idea clicked to me to take his photo and ended up making a short cell phone video of him. it was a spontaneous thought no planning done. that's what I like about my "LG cookie PEP" It allow to capture my sudden observed moments.

anyway, here is the video:

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Anonymous said...

I liked your post. infact I liked the way you spontaneously captured the street flavor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Puspu,
Please learn some basics of English.You have made so many mistakes in your blog......

Pushpendra said...

Anonymous Reader,

thank you for pointing it out.
I will do my best to improve the basics of English.
though, this blog is more about the expression rather than an academic thesis.
thanks again!
Pushpendra Prakash Sagar