Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

It is little late to share and write about SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. Actually, I recently saw their promotional video on youtube.com and I was impressed with it's editing and background music.
telling a story from many clips is an art itself. this video makes you curious to see more. when I watch such videos I start counting the clips of the films I have seen and there are certain clips which strike you and you want to know what is the film/video/short film/ad film name so you can see the complete film.
each person will have his/her favorite from the video.
there are 2 clips in this video whose treatment I liked and I wanted to know the title.
1. 3D with 2D look Japanese or Chinese character( king, queen) fight sequence.
2. a 3D rock band singing on a car.
if any of you know the name please, share it with me.
here is SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 promotional video:

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