Sunday, January 24, 2010

Design! you, me, family and friends

If you have good sketching skills ,make cartoons or you work in Design field.
then you must have experienced many requests from your relatives- friends to work or design for them. Mostly, without any payment. you must have come across nagging aunties who want you to complete their pampered kids project file or practical charts.
and that to be unjust forceful right over you.
There are certain people you really want to do things for them because they value your skills and know the worth of the design you have done for them.
there is one of my cousins who is a computer engineer and working. recently, he and few of his friends formed a small firm which will be in to system design and development. they have just finished a project and were waiting for their first cheque.
the problem was that their client could write cheque on company name and not to individuals.
so they asked me to help suggesting a name for their company and do a logo design.
this was a great feeling that they trusted my opinion and left everything on me to decide.

I secretly, aspire to be a good copy writer and this was my chance to think a tag line for their company and communicate what this company really does.
so here is initial concept for 'Tercet' Logo Design.

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