Monday, January 04, 2010

facebook and Farm ville

Farm ville is an online strategy game on facebook social networking website. Farmville has become an addiction for many facebook users. there are many who are actually spending hard cash to buy experience points and accessories.
I tried to ignore this game for long but all my friends on facebook kept sending me requests so I had to give it a try.
the game graphics are done in isometric view and uses flash vectors. the colour scheme is cheerful and characters/accessories are adorable. may be that's the reason people get hooked to it.
one day, I was talking to my room mate about this game. He said he used to play it when he was in his college and now out of this genre. may be many more feel the same way but I have seen people who are 40+ and are taking keen interest in this game called farmville.
what is that which attract people to check farmville as well when they check their mails and updates on Facebook?
may be it is the hidden urge to be a farmer? or just a game where they want to gain points and show off? I don't know myself. But I feel each of us who is stuck in stressful competitive jobs/work environment have a fantasy that after they have earned enough they will go back to there homeland and do farming and live a peaceful life in rural natural surroundings. Farmville lets you fulfill that fantasy in a virtual farm.
sometimes, a parallel comes in my thoughts Is earth a farmville of GOD..?!!!