Tuesday, December 22, 2009

palmistry: line of your hand are like google map of your life

The other day, I was talking to my room mate. we were having casual discussion about hard work and fate. each one had things to share.
final opinion was that apart from your knowledge(professional education) and handwork. luck is essential to succeed.
only with your luck you can be the right person on right time on right place for right opportunity.
we were talking about palmistry. I don't know much about it, nor I have come across a great palm reader but there are people who say so.
then we were comparing palm lines as a map of life. since we all relate to computer visual language so we exclaimed that GOD has give a google map in our hands only if we could read it or zoom it to a comprehending level .
so that thought of hand being a google map kept coming in my head many times. thus I had to try visualizing the idea in photoshop not satisfied with it but anyway, I am done with this urge after writing this post.

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