Monday, December 14, 2009

Animation and Design talent pool and jobs

It is a tough life for a just graduated commercial artist or designer. there are many things(tips and tricks) teachers and seniors told don't seem to work while looking for a break(job).
where to host your online portfolio and where to put your resume/CV.
it is sure a genuine question, specially for aspirant of creative field. Most of the job sites are generic and cater to H R, marketing and other well established disciplines and try to fit your CV there is frustrating. even if put your resume on regular job site then you are bombard with irrelevant job list in your inbox.
This is a fact that there are very few good sites in this domain. there many which started with good intentions but could not maintained their standard.

apart from I think behance network is a standard site where you can host your work. is also good for job list. there are 2 more which I will maintain here greenlightjobs and creativeheads.
greenlightjobs is free but if you want an active premium account you need to pay.
it's free but only people who have work visa can create profile on this site.
there are some other blog posts which cover same topic and they have done well documented listing of websites :


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Anonymous said...

hello sir this is santosh from hubli i am a3d maya animator i am looking for openining in animation industry since 6 months still searching my age is now 25 my perents teasing me AUR KITNE DIN BETA AISEHI so pls give me some tips