Wednesday, December 23, 2009

beautiful character designs by Martin Wittig

I was looking at the updates in my blog links Abhilash.N had recently posted some doodle of dogs from his sketch book. while visiting his blog I came across a web link list called boosting sites this is where I discovered beautiful character designs by Martin Wittig.

according to blogger profile Martin Wittig is a freelance Character Designer based in United States . his client list includes Blue Sky Studios, Chuck Gammage Aniamtion, Disney TV, Cartoon Network, World Leaders Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids

I find his animal character very impressive and his sense of dividing volume within the composition is unmatched.

I am borrowing 2 of his images from his blog to share here and spread the good word for him.
to see the full treasure please, visit his blog.
here is the web link:

this one is my favorite character composition, see! just with a normal granite pencil how much can be expressed.

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