Monday, February 22, 2010

postfolio : a stunning vfx portfolio site

yesterday, I was browsing through one of my regular inspiration site called motionographer
I had seen most of the stuff on the current page. then I thought, I might as well see what do they have in their older posts.
that's where I came to know about the site called postfolio which I think is a stunning vfx portfolio site. the video quality is crisp. the look n feel of the site is up the expectations.
what I liked most was their section called VFX Kitchen this is where they show case studies and the making of the films most of them are blockbusters and unique.

in the section about us the site describes itself in these words:
" is a creative community of people who do and love post-production and visual effects."
Joining the site is free at the moment you never know about the future.
here is the link:

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