Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Avatar : behind the scene and production sketches/art

I was bombard with so much hype and media exposure about Avatar the movie directed by James Cameron. Some how I was not able to take out time to watch it.
I started feeling like I was the most backward person who hasn't seen The Avatar.
Finally, I saw it day before yesterday. I was lucky that I saw it in 3D. I must tell you it was an experience to write about.
But, I wonder how will it feel to watch it in imax dome theater?
after watching the film I wanted to know what went behind the final cut. So, I did some internet research thus here it is in blog post form.
there is a website called wegraphics.net which carried a post about Avatar. They have a lot of stuff in this regard but I chose to borrow a few to share here.
you can see the full post on this web link:
I liked these pencil sketches of Navi characters. aren't they beautiful?

here is a video which talks about how real actor's acting was captured and brought out on the CG characters muscles by muscles . really, its a tones of hard work which has gone behind this film.

here is Avatar's art of performance behind the scene video:

Disclaimer: all images/characters/video shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.