Thursday, February 04, 2010

charming face Shazahn padamsee

charming face Shazahn padamsee

there are certain advertisements which leave an impression on you because of a specific character/face and you want to see it again. mostly you keep wondering who is that charming model/actor. the same thing happen to me. I was curious to know about the face who features in Ponds Dream flower and McDonalds slap ad.
then I saw Rocket Singh the movie, initially I confused this new face with Diya Mirza . but when I saw a pic in Times of India and the caption had the name Shazahn padamsee.
then everything fall in place. I knew about Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar. she is daughter of this creative couple.
she has got a pretty smile and a very humble style which is kind of fragile. I have just seen one of her film RocketSingh and she didn't have a long act to show her acting nuances. She did leave an impression with sweet and straight forward lady who is full of love and life.
she plays a graphic designer who is establishing her own small studio and wants to purchase 2 computers and Rocket Singh gets his first break in marketing career.

Shazahn Padamsee in McDonalds ad:

Shazahn Padamsee in Ponds Dream flower advertisement:

a still from the film Rocket Singh

Shazahn padamsee in Rocket Singh the movie promo video:

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Anonymous said...

a sweet face actually, hope she does good films also.

MKP said...

i think u should send this url to sahzahn padamsee coz ur post is act a promoter of her..
and what ever u written in ur post its 100% true
and one more thing how u can forget her sweet way of talking style..
and ur attraction toward her is alarm for south :)