Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kambakkhat Ishq: giving it back to them!

Kambakkhat Ishq the new Bollywood flick which has all the hot stars but got very poor reviews from most of the reviewers. Times of India says it a no brainer of all time from Akshay Kumar. Most of the reviewers forget all stressed up people don’t want to pay for serious and preachy films. They want to shut their always conscious self and enjoy the gags. Will you review Tom and Jerry in with the same stick? You cannot! It defies all the known rules of cinema of real life. I think we should do the same with this film.
And, if we really want to decode real serious stuff then I think. This film has reversed all and taken revenge from Hollywood. Our talented actors have been wasted and joked around in most of the Hollywood film they feature in.
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd had done the same thing to Hollywood talent in this film. They used best of the actors from Hollywood and used them for side role making them a funny elements of the bollywood masala.
Though, we have not been that rude. In the movie Akshay is a stunt man and his character is shown inspired from actor Silvester Stallion and he does give respect to the actor who plays superman. Though, the movie uses white skinned girls to its utmost materialistic fashion. All of them feature as extras in huge stage.

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