Thursday, July 02, 2009

displaying your .swf (Flash) files in blog

I was really frustrated with trying to show off my Flash Files (.swf) on my blog. there is hardly any blog service which allows you to host and display your flash files.
still it is a big problem, though there are loophole short cuts which will help you to display your flash files. my office mate Rahul given me a code which could embed swf files the only thing you need to have file hosting url.

here is the image of the code, I am sorry! I could not give you it as text because as soon as I post it in the blog post area it recognizes it as a code and starts working as embedding code. red coloured areas are where you type down host url and define the file's width and height.

here is the live example, I embedded this file using the same code:

easy way out is if you have a google account then host(upload) your files @ googlepages I assume each google account holder is provided with a googlepages access. you login and go to file manager and upload your file copy the url which you will type in the code red area.
Good luck!
I also did some google searching about this issue and I found one relevent page, he explains it in a detailed manner so if you need more help, then go to that page.
here is the link:

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