Saturday, April 18, 2009

gadgets to match your partner

This is a quest of all generations. people have wondered how do they know that the person they are attracted to also likes you. people have relied on palmistry, astrology and others known forms to tell about your love life and spouse compatibility.
networking and dating sites are used as forum to find people based on your interest and details provided on profiles. It is a internet phenomena and filled with fakes as well.
I am no different from other bachelors of my generations. I had written a post earlier on August 2008 about similar topic where we thought of a compatibility gadget.

Now, we have a company called basis- note which has come up with a saliva test which could be read by a computer and this code could be uploaded to a dating site as you enter bio data details.
Now based on your saliva test it will generate a scent profile which could be matched with your prospective partner. site claims that it is a scientific innovation and gives accurate results. so based on this info you can smell your date before you actually decide to date the person.
if this works fine then I have thought its further application. we can have a saliva test code reader in our mobile where we can feed more data and find people in our own region who are 100% gel with us. We wish this becomes a reality then sitting on a chai corner you can not just look at faces but also find out who fits you and you can ask the person to have chai with you.
is n't it cool.

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