Monday, April 13, 2009

ideas flow quick when you expect them least

Ideas flow quick when you expect them least. this is true. I get a whole range of random ideas or can say dreamy business or creative situations while traveling alone. It helps if you are sitting on a window seat and did not get involved in conversation with some passenger.
All the different views passing by you strike a range of thoughts. I don't know how many of you travel in DTC bus (local buses in Delhi). It is experience of its own kind. I usually have to spend 1-2 hours in a bus while going to my Home town just to reach Old Delhi railway station. But the imagery I pass through is vibrant. and traffic jams give me enough time to think and visualize hundreds of thing.
once reached the station, my train is scheduled late in the night. so its a long wait. this give you time to read if you are reading types otherwise just observe the variety of people around you. see how each one has its own peculiar way of holding bags over burden with luggage. the rush towards to reach on the platform where train just about to set off.
you can also sketch during this time if you are not shy. I do but it depends on my state of mind at the particular day.
this time I had no sketch book but I had an urge to draw and jot down whatever ideas were over flowing. if you don't do this you have all the chances to forget those raw ideas.
when you need it you will curse yourself why you had not written it down.
so I searched whatever paper I could find with me and drew over that.
why I am putting this on blog?
these doodles and notes were for personal reference but I felt it had a certain graphic value because of its mix of print and drawn elements.

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