Thursday, April 02, 2009

Disparities of life and Power of money ( जिंदगी की असमानताये और धन की सामर्थ्य )

The title of the post is enough to speak the philosophy of modern times. You can be talented, you can achieve a certain so called success (in this case recognition) but if you are without a solid financial security or big contacts you are screwed in your life. You have nothing more left but keep suppressing yourself and your damned dreams.The promo song of the film AA DEKHEIN ZARA “paisa hai power” is very much true.
People go through such times and come over. Anuraag Kashyap has done this. Does it happen for real? Till now miracles for me have been existed in fiction and films.

सौ गुन बेकार अगर धन नहीं आप के पास। आज धन से ही आदमी की सामर्थ्य पता चलती है।

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