Saturday, February 16, 2008

working in Gurgaon.

what, I want that never happens. I wished that I will never have to go to Gurgaon and slog in the damned place. But my battered luck brought in to work here without giving me any choice.
I hate the place. It is harsh in every way. The people, the weather n everything which matters to a sensitive person.
I have started smoking more and drink more often as I want to.
The stress is killing me. I don't feel brave enough to face the reality. I feel left out in the race. all my friends,classmates and batch mates are well settled.
I think, my life just started n I am too old to compete.
Is this just my case or there are other people who feel the same?
I am posting this in a very depressed n drunken mood. i am feeling very conscious to publish it.
but what the heck! my life has already become senseless n shameful so here I go and push the button.

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