Monday, July 30, 2012

recycling plastic bottles the facebook way

It has been some time I have been seeing a lot of people in my facebook friend list are sharing pics of plastic bottles recycling. These clever solutions invariably get attention.  Over a period, I collected a good number of these images (got a bad habit of collecting images). I tried a few of them at home; my skill with cutting plastic failed me. The end result was a crude product. I still feel this is a good way to start and make people at least think about recycling. So here are the images I have been talking about: 
These images belong to their original owner and I am sharing here for spreading the good word.
check out this link as well: Green Diary
Make a grain containers  using 2 big plastic bottles

use the bottle neck and cap for air sealing

clever use of bottle bottom for flower pattern

hanging lamp

roof tile

pen-pencil holder

SIP Planter
coins purse

hanging flower pots

ladder plants pots

plant hangings

Disclaimer: All the images shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.

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Martin Clooney said...

We often dispose plastic to trash which goes to landfills and never been recycled, instead reuse and recycle plastic, glass or cans. Save environment.
Recycling Plastic Containers