Monday, December 22, 2008

wind of change?!!

It seems in recent times every one is changing or updating their corporate identity. I see a lot more freshness in the enhanced visual quality. May be it is because of the digital revolution. It gives much more control and options to choose.

Though, I don't see same thing applied to government establishments. India post tried it but they could not implement it in its entirety. As we know Indian postal department is not going in profits so changing visual identity at such juncture was undesirable. Since we know it's an expensive process. First of all, I find the old logo much more appealing than the new one; even if they did it could have been a lot better the one they changed to.
Enhancement of visual identity is one thing but customer is also looking for the kind of enhanced services as you are projecting in your visual identity. There are a few who are actually catering enhanced services as well.

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