Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Animated GIFs in a blog post

It has been always a big question to me, why does blogger not support animated GIF images?
all the great new website and mobile chats are having a fun time with  animated images. dribbble.com and behance.net are a fine example.
recently I compiled my conference room doodles in an animated gif format and I wanted to share it in a blog post so I looked for answers through a google search. most of the people suggested to host your gif images to a image site and get a link to incorporate in the post.
at the moment that seems to be the most effective solution. though uploading your gif images to a image site and then getting a link is a absurd and long task. 
So I looked at the choices in front of me and decided to upload my images on google drive and get a share link. 
to my surprise it worked really well. So I guess this is a fine way to jazz up a blog post with animated images. 
random numeric doodles on post it

some unintended shapes grow..on..sticky notes

PS: Sometimes google drive link has hiccups...so...
I think Gfycat.com (a gif publishing site) is more handy than google drive link!

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