Monday, June 16, 2014

Animated stickers in mobile chats

If you have a smart phone then I am sure you must be having multiple chat apps on your app screen. In my opinion whatsapp, wechat and line are the main players at time. I had to download all three. some friends were on whatsapp and some on line and wechat. this give me a chance to test all their features. some give talk time some audio call and video chat.
oh, there is facebook messenger and google hangout also (I have not used them that much so will not talk about them)
one thing is common in all these apps that they all have a library of emoticons and stickers.
and what I feel wechat has taken the lead in sticker section. They have introduced animated stickers and they are really cool. mostly I used use these apps freely during the festival season with these animated stickers coming in my daily usage has increased.
I loved Vaibhav Studio's stickers done for Line and I think that was kind of turning point. when these apps started thinking of local content rather than giving same old clip art. now I see exclusively localized desi stuff on wechat and line.
Bollywood sponsored stickers have really good production quality. I loved stickers based on Bhootnath and Rio2 movie. This trend is catching up. you never know tomorrow you will see stickers from Bournvita or Dollar Banian.
there seems to be some real energy going on in this small space. the scene looks good.

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