Thursday, August 15, 2013

Manoj Kumar and 15th August

I don't know how many people have written about this but I am sure most of us have heard Manoj Kumar movie songs on 15th August or 26th January. It is hard for me to celebrate Independence Day without these songs. I have fond memories of growing up hearing these songs in my school days. When you are a kid feel for country and respect for its freedom fighter is high. I used to get goose bumps listening these songs. Those were the days of VCR and VHS tapes. Usually on such occasions our school used to run these patriotic movies on VCP (video player). I remember watching Manoj Kumar's Upkar and Purab aur Paschhim it had a lasting impression on me for days the images form the films used to re-run into my head.

Manoj Kumar aka Bharat Kumar had spread the feel for the nation and ideals. In those days I was unaware that it's not Manoj who is singing but it is Mahendra Kapoor who is doing the task.  Mahendra Kapoor's voice perfectly matched Manoj Kumar's image on screen. May be that's the reason they created such successful and memorable films.
Some time back I had watched these films again.(as a grown up now) and it left me impressed. I could admire and understand a lot of aspect of film and appreciate it. first and foremost I  salute to the vision of the filmmaker for such great intentions and staying true to it. 2nd is the innovative and effective cinematography of  V.N. Reddy (consider the times these films were made 1967-1970). Editing is one of finest aspect of these films. Done by  B.S. Glaad (I tried to find more info about him but it seems there isn't much info neither a Wikipedia page)  Art Direction is so apt and connected to reality. see full credits on Imdb .

some videos from youtube:

 Once you have watched the video try noticing rotating round table and characters sitting just near the camera (may be on a dolly) and V.N. Reddy is able to give panorama of moving BG

This seven minute song sequence gives such a vivid imagery of India and I can not help but admire detailing done in this video. Notice beautifully captured Kashi, woman 's rope acrobat  and Rasleela artist playing thaali as Chakra on his finger. V.N. Reddy use the same Thaali reflection in one scene to show in-camera and off the camera views in one frame. I bet this sequence is better than most tourism ad films.

On location shoot real farm, real plough and notice how Manoj wears "gamucha" a classic opening song.

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