Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Cloud Catcher mobile game

It was a pleasant piece of information I chanced upon. I was surfing the net for some visual research on "Art style and Games". There I came across a game called "a Little Turbulence" which reminded me a mobile game I was working on and was left unfinished due to fund crunch.
I felt a little bad because the game had the potential, if given the right push could have been a good play.
I moved on. almost forgot about it and was busy in new work environment, a different kind of set up.
I could not keep the discovery of  ALT with me, I shared the link with my previous boss.
The surprise was from him, he sent me mail about the publishing of the game on both platforms iPhone and Android. Though the game they published is not polished, the fact is they got it out and the story is exciting.
and I like the music they have done. there was only a generic loop in demo version with place holder noise effects.

here is the Game summary:

The Cloud Catcher mobile game
It is a simple click and collect game set in Pre electricity era. 
Story line:
This game talks about a scientist who is Leonardo's contemporary. Pre electricity era.
So he goes out in the sky with his hot air balloon and collects Electro energy from clouds.
His goal is to collect energy for his city. 
Game’s look is hand drawn. Visualizing  scientist’s sketch book to come alive.

a little turbulence (in short ALT)

cloud catchers

The Cloud Catcher mobile game Down load links:
Link1: iPhone
Link2: Android

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