Saturday, April 14, 2012

south indian food, saturday ! yumm!!

I usually don't write blog posts on food. I see some of my facebook friends sharing pictures of the food they are cooking or discovering. in that way, I got to know about a few dishes which otherwise I will not try. Once, some one shared pics of Maithi Chicken. It sounded really interesting combination to me. then, I looked up for it's recipe. I found a youtube video on it's cooking. By the way, youtube is good source for video recipes. I prefer video recipes than the written ones. its simple and less time taking to follow a video recipe.
I love to eat tasty and healthy food. Today, I got a really good South Indian Veg food treat on the occasion of Vishu
This was really healthy food. As I could see what goes on to making "Sambar" of this kind. Kacche Kele (Unripe Banana), Tamatar (Tomato), Aloo (Potato), Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Peas), Bhindi (lady finger), Saijan ki Phali (Drumsticks), Kaddu (Indian Pumpkin), Chena (Elephant Yam), Curry Patta (Curry Leaves) etc.
and this list is only talking about Sambar if, I start talking about other dishes in the pics below then it might become a long essay. So I stop now.
Here are some pics:
Toran, Kondaatam fry and Mango Achaar in preparation

full course of meal rice and payasam included

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

comics art by Mukesh Singh

I was supposed to write this post almost a month back, that's when I came to know about Mukesh Singh's superb art for comics. I happened  to see some images by him on Facebook. I was impressed by those visuals. then, I wanted know more about who is this guy Mukesh? churning out world class stuff.
He is a graduate from Sir J.J. School of Fine Arts  and currently working with Liquid Comics as Senior Illustrator and concept artist.
Mukesh's work  is obviously a great display of sheer mastery of his skills. his  frame angles are unusual but believable. his characters have a hyper realistic anatomy at the same time human emotions.
his page layouts have epic grandeur.
wow, Indian talent is shining all the way!

two images from 18 Days (Grant Morrison’s book on Mahabharata art by Mukesh Singh)

here are web links to know more about him and see some of his work online.


features on lines and colors:

gallery on art nectar:

Disclaimer: All the images shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.