Sunday, November 04, 2012

Times of India: a paper of advertisements

Is this me? or other people also think the same?? Times of India has become official paper of Advertisements. I am sure many other people must have similar thoughts. When I pick up the TOI from my door it is bulky, and this bulk hardly has reading material. Now a days I have to struggle through a lot of junk to find a news. My morning time is limited and I am into a rush to get ready and go to the work. whatever little time I have for news paper reading I only want to put into useful and relevant info and news. My attention span is wasted in wading through the visual chaos of glitzy ads, glamorous pics and luxury property ads.

Then there are days when you get half front page. What with this half cut front page? It might be a creative advertisement strategy but a real inconvenience for the user, when trying to sort out or fold the paper.

2 and half pages one small 3 column news to read
Things get worse when the festive season starts. from Dusshera to Diwali. Christmas to New year. It is ADVERTISEMENTS TIMES. there are special supplements of ads in the name of consumer connect.
Property Ads supplements' are evergreen. Full page ads were rare a few years back but these days full page is just not enough, you got to have full front and flip page and double spread page.
I wonder, have the rates for Ads gone down or all the other people become rich except the common man?
I sincerely hope, TOI people should keep a balance of good content and ads.(news and thought provoking article and that is the first and foremost objective of a news paper)

PS: Please, this post has nothing to do with TOI and HINDU ads war. this is purely my personal point of view. if you are interested in that news go these links:
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