Thursday, January 05, 2012

Leonardo animated series

Just found out there is an animated series on Leonardo cartoon book by Tturk De Groot . The video looks true to comics.
Leonardo is a Belgian/French comics cartoon character based on Leonardo da Vinci.  I have 2 or 3 album from the comics series. I was impressed with the visual style and innovative gadgets which were the essential elements of the humor of the series. Now watching all those elements come to life is a pleasure.

Here is the official trailer for the TV series:

you can know more about it on the official site:

info about authors:

There is also a web game:

Disclaimer: All the character images/videos shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose.


Nayan Soni said...

Pushpendra...this is Nayan from NID...hope you remember me...yaar i am a huge fan of leonardo and found only one comic for my son from sunday you have any idea from where can i find rest of the comics...please do let me know if you have any email is

hope you are doing fine and having a blast creating your comics...

Pushpendra said...


Of course! I remember you. kaisi baat kar di bhai!!
I have 2-3 albums (English Version) at my hometown. There is one thing I can do. One of my office colleagues is a huge fan and has a very good collection. I can ask him.
a.PDF version will do?