Thursday, July 21, 2011

web games with logic

Every now or then I browse through the web games. Currently, I have been drawn to puzzle and logic games.
I avoid playing games where there are too many key instructions and furious clicking. Here is a list of my picks,
there is no particular sequence.

Snail Bob
Cover Orange
Ninja Painter
Cube Droid

These are not new games but I happen to discover them recently.
Snail Bob has pretty charming graphics. others also have appropriate visual appeal.
why I am writing a post? It is because I enjoyed these games quite a lot and so it's kind of shortlisted bookmark. It usually happens when you want to play something for 10-20 minutes, then if you search for a quality time pass game form a huge heap of is frustrating to choose from thousands shiny thumbnails (when the game is loaded you realize the game is a trash). that's the reason for the post.

Disclaimer: All the screen shots shown here belong to respected owners and shared here for appreciation purpose only.

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