Friday, November 12, 2010

Asifa India International Animation day email flyer

It's been long since I posted anything here. anyway, here are a few images I want to share which were part of 
Asifa India  International Animation day  email flyer of this year.

for the people who do not know what is ASIFA I am copying and pasting a few words from wikipedia: Association Internationale du Film d'Animation or ASIFA (the International Animated Film Association)

 the email flyer were designed well and were based on popular comic icons. what I liked about it was IAD 2010 mascots (the Indian girl and elephant) used in different comic era. characters are adorable and brought back memories of my childhood comic reading. execution of the graphics recreates the characteristics of that 'comic era' theme really well. 

see this one is really cute based on Inderajaal comics icon Betaal.

and here are the real ones. nice! I like it.

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