Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't just vote

"Don't just vote" is a viral short done in stop motion animation technique. it falls in the recent trend where every one is trying to make masses aware to the power of their vote. I am not sure how these viral films really motivate people to vote? yes, I agree it has good entertainment value.


In this particular film they have played safe and not commenting directly on any specific political figure. but it some way capture certain flavor of Indian Election.
Times of India's fun campaign "Bleed India " try's to do the same thing. the only difference is they are playing with one character 'Pappu' here you have a set of 4-5 characters.

So are you going to vote this time?
if yes then no problem if not then watch another viral


if you don't vote a lot more viral coming your way may be swine flu as well.

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