Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Mon Ami Grompf"- My friend Grompf

Most children would like to have a pet. Many parents agree, in general, a goldfish, at best a hamster. sinon... A cat, or ..A dog, but small ... No, not a Yeti ... It is not the idea of a stranger. Yet Grompf is so affectionate! Of course, during its growth, he drinks about 20 liters of milk per day. But once it reaches its adult size, it is great practice to hunt moles or accompany the smallest at school. With a basic idea rather original, and a strong sense of humour, Nob an album succeeds tender and funny about friendship that is created spontaneously by children and pets. Everything feels indeed lived since the pet crapuleuse up coverage hair dangling. One finds a majority of the inconveniences of living with a pet, as well as many of its benefits. But before being highly educational, this album is funny. The gags, provided they are crying for truth, mostly laughter, and the characters which focuses on very quickly have not a single reaction that is not entirely credible. The father, especially. Drawing, very cartoon, is very attentive and thoughtful, as well as colors, not allowing one to go under the pretext of the youth of the audience. Certainly not realistic at the edge of the big nose, pulling even on the side of press cartoon as expressions are fly the first time, the stroke of Nob is ideal for this kind of light albums. Grompf, the rotation of Boule et Bill? It is not surprising sponsorship of Julien Neel, both Lou and my friend Grompf are similar in approach children, in the way of showing everyday situations in keeping the funny side, and without ever tipping over into vulgarity or scatologie. A real pleasure to read, for young people of all ages!
this is french text and translated with google search engine.

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