Wednesday, November 02, 2011

crazy interpretations

Interpretations of a visual concept can be really unexpected when you leave space for the ambiguity.(may be sometimes being over smart) This is the case I feel might be in the billboard ads from Vaseline.
What do you feel at first when you see this ad? and how much the copy helps you to grasp the concept here?
First thing that strikes is the high quality print and the framing of the visual. Then you try to figure out what happened to lady's hand? The ad got the viewer hooked and curious to figure out what it is all about. Before the viewer reaches on the final conclusion, he processes a series of thoughts.
  • lady got a crippled hand.
  • your lips will become as good as a baby's feet.
  • you should kiss a baby's feet after using Vaseline
  • love of a mother for baby 
the copy of the billboard :" Healthy pink lips, Never stop caring" doesn't really help you to inform but adds to your confusion.