Sunday, January 09, 2011

virtual/ video ride of " Chakada"(shared auto) in millennium city Gurgaon.

this is a series of 4 videos taken from my LG Cookie PEP cell phone to give you a taste of real life. enjoy your  virtual ride of " Chakada"(shared auto) auto in millennium city Gurgaon.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shobha KK goes online

Shobha K.K is an independent filmmaker, and mostly works on commissioned projects.she has worked on documentaries and music videos. currently she is writing script for a short fiction film which I plan to produce.
I know her for a long time.when she came to attained osian's cinefan 2005, Talent Campus.
she is good at shot selection and a good story teller. sometimes her idea are abstract and have a feel of "alice in wonderland" kind of fantasy. her music videos are aptly sweet with a Malayalam filmi taste.
she keeps herself a little away from new technologies. but on my insistence. she is slowly bringing her work online.
her web portfolio link:
youtube link: shobha's channel


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